“I had the opportunity to conduct several equine clinics at Belvoir Estate Farm in the Fall of 2019. 
Ute Lawrence and Stan Fisher have created an equine wonderland near London, Ontario.  They have built spectacular equestrian facilities, peopled with wonderful staff and wonderful horses, in one of the most unique and beautiful natural settings one could imagine.  Belvoir Estate Farm has managed to embrace a beautiful sense of nature conservancy, maintaining a wonderful environment full of spectacular flora and fauna.  This is a kind of wildlife sanctuary but also offers an opportunity for humans to save horses and for horses to save humans.  We are all blessed to have
Belvoir Estates Farm as a unique regional, national, and international centre of excellence for equestrian pursuits.”

Allan Hamilton, MD
Professor of Neurosurgery, University of Arizona
Head Trainer, Rancho Bosque, Tucson, AZ
Author of Zen Mind, Zen Horse and Lead with Your Heart
“I fell in love with Belvoir Estate from the moment we drove up the most picturesque tree lined driveway. The estate grounds and surrounding natural habitat are a playground just waiting to be explored. Prepare yourself to indulge yourself with the beauty around every corer, and soak up as much energy as you can before you have to say “till next time”.

— Jason Sigala
As always, I enjoyed my visit to Belvoir tremendously. . For a more specific emotional reaction, I think it’s worth noting that whenever I find myself at the farm, I emerge with a sense of clarity, and a focus that I don’t otherwise routinely enjoy.
— Adam Caplan
Thank you.

YOU, your sanctuary, your furry friends are HEALING!
My Gosh, Ric and I feel like two kids, having just toured Wonderland!
Refreshed. Renewed. Laughing. Light in our hearts again.”

— Kath and Nic