Welcome to Belvoir Estate Farm & Equestrian Centre

Winner of the 2019 London Heritage Award

Belvoir’s property boasts beauty, serenity and a peacefulness that is hard to describe. The 316 acres, surrounded by the Thames River and the Dingman Creek this breathtakingly beautiful land has a magical, healing energy that has limitless opportunities to explore nature and wildlife in it’s purest form. Belvoir’s protected wetlands, ponds and trees, including two 400+ year old oak trees offer a safe haven for rare species that have not been seen in this part of Southwestern Ontario.

Belvoir Estate Farm is the oldest farm in Southwestern Ontario, dating back 226 years ago when the first owner and white settler Ebenezer Allan arrived from Rochester, New York in 1793.


Equine Clinics

Doctors Allan and Jane Hamilton

September 12 The Hero’s Journey…. DETAILS

September 13 From Barnyard to Boardroom…. DETAILS

September 14-15 Neuro Equine Model Certification….DETAILS

Equine Facilitated Learning and Therapy.

Our Equine Facilitated Human Development Programs are enhanced by other profoundly transformational, scientifically proven activities that are designed to take participants from mental distress to mental fitness: they include Forest Bathing and Nature and Birding Walks , Yoga, Tai Chi, Qi Gong, Mindfulness training, Intuitive Archery.Each growth program provides complementary natural awareness, disciplined focus, and healing connectivity between mind, body and spirit and demonstrates the magnificent healing power of nature. 

“The Horse Has The Stunning Capacity To Mirror Human Emotions And Facilitate Human Healing. That Is Why The Horse Can Be Our Most Gifted Teacher.” 

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