Winner of the 2019 london heritage award


Our mission is to bring you back to yourself, through transformative equine connection—a reset for mind, body and spirit.

Rich in history and steeped in nature, boosted by the elements—earth, air, space, wood and water—Belvoir Estate Farm, distinctive for its therapeutic modalities with horses, elevates the human experience with lasting benefits. 

We aim to set the standard of professional excellence in how horses and humans can communicate, bond and work in unison to transform the quality of life and mental health of individuals, families and professional groups. The horse, with its heightened instinctive intelligence, is the central teacher and head of our family of human growth programs.

At Belvoir, the Equine Facilitated Human Development Programs are enhanced by several nature-based activities: Forest Bathing, Archery, Labyrinth Walks and Yoga, each growth program providing complementary natural awareness, disciplined focus, and healing connectivity between mind, body and spirit.

“Horses do not see us as our collective stories but simply as we are standing in front of them. The horse brings its uncanny ability to peel our egos back, to strip the layers away like an onion, until we find ourselves awkwardly naked and vulnerable. But the horse also shows us the joy that comes from living with the bare truth of ourselves. What a gift that is.”

“I had the opportunity to conduct several equine clinics at Belvoir Estate Farm in the Fall of 2019. 

Ute Lawrence and Stan Fisher have created an equine wonderland near London, Ontario.  They have built spectacular equestrian facilities, peopled with wonderful staff and wonderful horses, in one of the most unique and beautiful natural settings one could imagine.  Belvoir Estate Farm has managed to embrace a beautiful sense of nature conservancy, maintaining a wonderful environment full of spectacular flora and fauna.  This is a kind of wildlife sanctuary but also offers an opportunity for humans to save horses and for horses to save humans.  We are all blessed to have

Belvoir Estates Farm as a unique regional, national, and international centre of excellence for equestrian pursuits.”

Allan Hamilton, MD

Professor of Neurosurgery, University of Arizona
Head Trainer, Rancho Bosque, Tucson, AZ
Author of Zen Mind, Zen Horse and Lead with Your Heart

The Great White Egret nesting at Belvoir

Two pairs of Great White Egrets have been nesting at Belvoir for the the past two years. We feel honoured to provide a safe haven for these stunningly beautiful creatures.

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Discover your Element……

It’s in our Nature



Connect to the earth in all its glory through the elevated equine experience. Set in the beautiful landscape of over 300 acres on Southwestern Ontario’s oldest farm with seven special horses, you learn real connection with self through connection with these gentle intuitive giants. Beyond the horses, the earth around is healing in its continual seasonal turnover, bringing renewed growth and playful fauna to the property.



The fresh oxygen of the invigorating farm air has a healing power all its own. It’s not shared with the city, or even many humans, across the expansive grounds. Come with openness and curiosity, and prepare to be in awe of your surroundings, get ready to breathe it all in; you’ll leave feeling more alive than when you arrived



Craving space? Leave the confines of the dense city life behind and gift yourself some breathing room. The landscape appears never-ending here; it truly feels like the world is your oyster at Belvoir. Bring your sense of exploration and discovery, whether to walk the labyrinth or the trails towards the big oak trees; all those city cares behind you.



A deepened connection to the world lies deep in the forest for many. Twigs snapping. Leaves rustling. Cicadas humming. The senses come alive in the woods among the well-rooted trees. Forest bathing? The Japanese have been on to this for centuries. Wander through the trees. Take a deep breath. Listen carefully to the symphonic sounds of nature. Close your eyes, and reopen them. You can feel the forest connect to your being. The effects are nothing short of magical, and that magic is alive and well, ready to make you feel alive and well, at Belvoir.



What’s more elemental to human life than H2O? We are mostly water, after all, and naturally drawn to it. Explore with a walk at the water’s edge, along the Thames River, while at Belvoir. Catch a glimpse of the kayakers and canoe-trippers through spring, summer and Fall. Soothe the soul to the rhythmic energy of the river flow with an outdoor yoga session, or lunch by the water.


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